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(((ICQ:746820035)))We are the best sellers of high quality Counterfeit Banknotes Whats App:+1(403)768-3452

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Napisano 16 październik 2019 - 02:14

Hello to all, i want to take this time to thank all of you my clients who have stood with me for all these years i couldn't have done it without you.
Now i want to assure with the latest of my products. Don't Miss!!!Your readiness has really been inspiring.
I want to take this opportunity to be able to advertise my master piece. I started producing counterfeit money since 2002.
I am a student of Frank Bourassa the best counterfeit producer in the world.
I know much and i have learned how to produce the highest quality counterfeit money that bypasses all checks.
The UV light -all of the different types of UV mostly the Blue and Pink. They bypass the Iodine Pen test. You can use them in ATMs,Banks,Casinos and Money changers.
Five things you should buy my bills -My bills are a good fit for your needs.
Absolutely agreable -We are reliable -We meet face to face with bulk buyers from 100k fake which is 30k -In our business,we are constantly, often consciously, calculating how we can best spend our time to upgrade the best quality
-We are proud to say we are legit and we don't send samples.
 Apart from the fact that i produce super undetected counterfeit money, i also give advise on how and when to use the money .
I will guide you on how to invest. Start this new year with a good life.
This is not a scam. So please dont contact me hoping i will be more considerate if you have been scammed.
For almost 2 years now, federal governments have been trying to improve the quality of their bills but we also improve.
Minimum order now is 5000 fake for 650.
Security features of our bank notes? :
Intaglio printing// Watermarks//Security thread// See-through //register Special foil//special foil elements Iridescent stripe//shifting colors.
Our banknotes are printed on 80% cotton 20% cellulose paper which differs substantially from normal paper this notes er not home made they are industrial made.
This implies all security features present in the real notes are present in the note we make.
We offer face to face business and we have agents in almost every country in the world who are ready to meet with our serious clients to close a deal hand in cash exchange.
         !!!!!!!!!! Basic Contact Information Bellow !!!!!!!!!!
 ICQ:   746820035
Threema ID:   Z54BWMWT  
Telegram:   @Counterfeit403
WhatsApp: +1(403)768-3452 
Snapchart:   counterfeitnote


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